milk_shake Argan Oil Shampoo - 300ml

milk_shake Argan Oil shampoo with organic argan oil for all hair types. Sulfate free shampoo that cleanses delicately with its unique argan oil formula. With organic argan oil, silk and rice proteins. It hydrates, conditions and nourishes, eliminating the frizz, leaving the hair soft and vibrant and preserving colour integrity.

Hydrates, conditions and nourishes the hair instantly, eliminating frizz. Leaves hair soft, preserving colour.

milk_shake argan shampoo cleanses delicately, thanks to its unique formula containing argan oil. Hydrates, conditions and nourishes immediately, eliminating the frizzy effect, leaving the hair soft and bright and preserving colour integrity.

milk_shake Argan Oil especially formulated with:

Delicate surfactants , which have a gentle and natural cleansing action on skin and hair, and preserve colour integrity

Organic argan oil, which, thanks to its nourishing, repairing, anti-age and protective properties, helps maintain soft and shiny hair.

Conditioning agents, which hydrate and give remarkable softness, eliminating frizzy effect and static electricity

Silk proteins, rice and soyawhich, acting both in the internal and external part of the hair, strengthen and protect its structure, clearly improving the condition of damaged hair

*Sulphate free shampoo.