L'Oreal - Serioxyl Colored Hair - Bodifying Conditioner - 250ML

Body conditioner for natural hair and little abundant. Get more body with Loreal Serioxyl Densifying Foam.

  Body conditioner for natural hair and little abundant.

 Formula enriched with Glucoboost + Incell.

    Body conditioner for hair with refined and dyed hair.

 Formula enriched with Glucoboost + Incell.

 It takes care of the hair fiber without recharging it and densifies the hair.


 Spread evenly on washed and towel-dried hair. clear out.

-In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.


• Incell thanks to the biomimetics of intercellular cement and the ceramides of natural hair, works by filling the hair cuticle, strengthening the cohesion of the fibers, improving the hydrophobic properties and its robustness, facilitating the disentangling.


 A double action agent that contains a reserve of energy to nourish the hair follicles and a lipid element to fill the hair fiber.